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Residential; Commercial; Industrial.  We specialize in service calls.  No ob too large or too small.  Serving the area since 1972.
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ecently we hired Sanders to come give an estimate and to electrical work so we could install a residential hot tub. Jimmy came out to the house to get some measurements and collect data to give an estimate. A few days later we were given a price and scheduled an appointment to have work done. Prior to having work done we decided to upgrade the electrical box and components. This would require a new estimate. He quoted a price and told us that would be on the high end but he would try and keep the price down if possible. The technicians came out and were very nice and efficient. (even though one of them accidentally turned off the water to our horses) The work was completed in two hours and they were on their way. I had been told it would take the majority of the day to complete. So I asked for an invoice so justify the expenses.(since it only took two hours instead of the entire day). The box and wiring was installed plus the labor is what was requested. When I received a call back it was not a pleasant tone. I was told in no uncertain terms that I was not required to have an invoice. I was also told that the quote I was given is what I was going to pay. That since it only took two hours of labor that will make up for the other jobs that take longer. I then questioned that I would have to pay for other jobs that took longer. Then he yelled at me to pay my bill and I chose to hang up at that point. I will not be doing any future business or referring to this company. Please make sure if you deal with them you have a break down up front so you do not end up paying for labor you did not use.

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