Utilities Board of Ozark
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The Utilities Board of the City of Ozark provides quality drinking water and sanitary sewer service for Ozark, Alabama's 15,000 residents. The Utilities Board serves approximately 7,687 water users and 5,755 sewer users. The Utilities Board staff of 20 dedicated professionals provides quality service to the citizens of Ozark, pumping approximately 2.38 million gallons of water each day from 8 deep wells. The water system has a pumping capacity of 8.93 million gallons per day and a storage capacity of 3.275 million gallons. We operate a 2.1MGD and a 0.51MGD wastewater treatment facility and treat an average of 1.46 million gallons per day from Ozark's 283 miles of sanitary sewer.
(334) 774-2336
421 N. Union Avenue,Ozark,AL,USA
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Rude staff, they talk to people like they are trash no matter how polite you are to them. They will tell you one thing to get your water service started, you will bring in what is required and then tell you that what you brought them isn't enough and require even more. They absolutely need more oversight and more phone lines so customers can actually get some assistance.

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By Anonymous on 4/13/2020 3:42:44 PM