Fuqua-Bankston Funeral Home
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Apr-17-2012 by SuperUser Account

It makes a difference, when a funeral home is locally managed and operated, it means something.  It means that the people you trust in your time of need are  your neighbors, and they live right here in Dale, Barbour, and Coffee County areas.

In fact, you may already know the Fuqua-Bankston Funeral Home associates, from church or from a community group or charity organization.  That means we are involved in the community, we know the people, we know the local customs and traditions.  We take pride in our community and we have a strong devotion to care for families in an affordable, dignified manner.  In a time of sorrow, it's good to know your neighbors are here to help.



(334) 774-4551
508 Faust Avenue,Ozark,AL,USA
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